Mystic Dream

Music: Harald Lytomt Words: Jostein Hansen/Lasse Tanderø

You came from so far
- no matter what cross you wear
We´re on our way you and I - here comes the sun
Rainy clouds going away now - you came from so far
Nothing shades down to your fingers
It's true - here comes the sun
Nothing shades on Friday - hey hey
Took us so far so far to realise your die-way

You came from so far - a message of light
You brought into reality
- it shines so bright, so bright
To shelter lovers from fear - here comes the sun
By every step you´ll keep us in favour, I know
Taught us so much, so much
Dancing is always on Friday
- you´re right on my toe Here comes the sun
- overload of lightning - frightening

I swore we may be pulling it through
- ´cause we live just as the few
Troubled boy showing his sun tan
- come on, you´re just a supreme man
Am I right : There are galaxies still for theft
It´s just a favour - nothing to be left

Galaxies may do anything
- a voyage exactly to my taste
-If you´ll be so kind; you see;
I have this little fashioned tool
-Stop Lilly, stop me, Lilly!
Look at fascists caged in leather
Some beating on my heart
- I´m waiting for my header
Starring in my film

-Fall; don´t look backwards
- let me inside your beam
-Call; don´t escape me
- dwell yet, my mystic dream

Mystic Dream:

Harald Lytomt (guitars)
Jostein Hansen (bass)
Lasse Tanderø (lead vocals, backing vocals)
Freddy Ruud (keyboards)
Lasse Johansen (keyboards)
Knut R. Lie (drums, backing vocals)
Tracee Meyn (backing vocals)
Geir Jahren (Backing vocals)
Sound clip:
Kerrs Pink