Moments in Life

Music and Lyrics: Freddy Ruud

Time goes by...
But still I can hear the children´s cry
Alone, I can do nothing...say millions
You´d better take care
of your sister and your brother
You know in your heart
You should be loving one another
Don´t keep on fighting...any more
If there were no soldiers
who were left to fight
Turning all the energy
into peace and quiet

Come on - worldwide miracle
Change attitude - be radical - stay high...

I was leaving ground in a great surround
From the engine-power of a jetplane
All the way to go in a spaceship show...
I could be dreaming
I tell myself not to worry
But it´s a shame to say I`m quite relaxed
I can´t keep my mind from thinking
The plane will crash and the jet collapse

Don´t you lose your faith now.
Fear is just inside
We can take you higher.
Enjoy your sky-high ride

So the captain he was telling:
Put on your seatbelts - Please do not smoke
Below is the Atlantic
But we guarantee that you will not get soaked
Follow the instructions
You all have alifebelt just in case
This is your captain spekaing;
in a few hours we will put you down safe

Nothing`s gonna happen
Fear is just inside
We can take you higher
Enjoy our sky-high ride

I said; hey; make my day!
Don`t you bullshit me
Whatever that you tell, make no sense
Captain; bring your ship
out of turbulence!

Oxygen available, ain`t it cute
In front of you there is a bag
where you can puke
They told me how to use
the rescue-swimming suite
I think I rather change it
for a parachute

You can not know your moments in life
but you can pray for the sun still to rise
you`re on your own, but not alone
we will shine, until we are one

Moments in Life:

Harald Lytomt (guitars)
Jostein Hansen (bass)
Lasse Tanderø (lead vocals)
Freddy Ruud (keyboards)
Lasse Johansen (keyboards)
Knut R. Lie (drums, backing vocals)
Tracee Meyn (lead vocals, backing vocals)
Sound clip:
Kerrs Pink