Shooting Star

Music and Lyrics: Freddy Ruud

The night is full of stars
And the sky is purple blue
In the mind you can go far
If you hitch-hike a Shooting Star

Free from force of gravity
Feel the touch of eternity
I´m not sure where I can be
Hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy

Leaving home. Do we belong?
In this perpetual motion of space
Cosmic relation is hard to find
Without you

Move on. On and on
Accelrate. Be on time

Open your heart. Let in light
Search your soul for what is right
We have it all. Inside

And in your heart, there will be light
Mystic miracles of life will reach us tonight
We have it all. Inside

It`s all inside of us. We have it all. Inside.
You got it!

Shooting Star:

Harald Lytomt (guitars)
Jostein Hansen (bass)
Lasse Tanderø (lead vocals)
Freddy Ruud (keyboards)
Lasse Johansen (keyboards)
Knut R. Lie (drums, backing vocals)
Tracee Mein (backing vocals)
Geir Jahren (backing vocals)
Sound clip:
Kerrs Pink