In 1989, quite unexpecyedly, the French progressive label Musea offered to re- issue our two albums on CD. The few copies wehad sent them of "Mellom Oss" had sold well. They requested more of our records, but we were not able to supply any. all records were sold-out. Then they asked permission to issue som unreleased Kerrs Pink music as well. It was quite clear that they only took an interest in our old progressive style. What else was there to do than to gather some former colleauges that still had a strong liking for that kind of music?

The former members Harald Lytomt, Jostein Hansen and Tore Johansen gathered to consider our new opportunity to play in the old vein. What we needed were a keyboard player and a drummer. Harald played at that time together with per Øyvind Nordberg (born 1959) in Mantra. He was their lead singer and bassist, but simultaneously he played keyboards. Being a prolific composer, an excellent musician and a capable singer, there was no discussion of his candidature.

It was very natural to get Tore Fundingsrud back again. He did not need to be persuaded since he would join us some time later when he had got more time off.

The 20th outfit was complete! At our first rehearsel in October 1989 the proto type version of what later became "Devotion" was presented by Tore. Per Øyvind composed a song called "Kingdom of Nothing". Gradually, he extended the theme of this song to encompass some of his other tunes too. Then we got the idea to record a concept album. He wrote a short story on which we based all the lyrics and the corresponding instrumentals accompanying the different sentiments in the story.

Sound clip from "Rubicon"

Sound clip from "Delirious"

In the meantime we recorded a track called "Monday Man" for Musea. Harald made the music and Per Øyvind the lyrics. It was exclusively for the concept album "Seven Days of a Life", recorded at our studios at Lytomt farm during February and March 1990. Seven groups from seven countries all over the world contributed one track each for this unique release.

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Sound clip from "Monday Man"

By May 1992 we had reworked six of the seven tracks for the CD re-issue of "Mellom Oss". No less than six bonus tracks were added. Only "Fredsmarsjen" had been recorded for the compilation LP "Jomfrutur" previously. This time the CD contained a new version of this instrumental.

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Sound clip from "Den siste russ"

20th anniversary

On March 14 1992, we celebrated our 20th anniversary at Kirkeby Grendehus, Eidsberg. Here we performed some of our old instrumentals joined by former members Jonny Klemmetsrud and Per Frydenlund as guests. All persons that had been involved in and with the group were invited together with some close friends and spouses. It was a splendid evening!

Live from our 20th anniversary

"The Prisoner"

"Parademarsj for jubilanter"

"Trømborg slåtten"

Twenty tracks for our third album "A Journey on the Inside" were mastered by May 1993. The CD release on Musea Records had 18 tracks and a total time of 72 minutes. The double vinyl release on Colours did contain 2 bonus tracks.

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