The Second Album
Although Kerrs Pink produced an excellent debut album, more personnel changes were just around the corner. Tore Johansen left because he felt that "he had used up his resources and needed a break. Terje Solaas was offered a job that required him to move away from the area. Tore Fundingsrud came into the band on drums and shortly thereafter Kerrs Pink decided to record another album. They wanted to "record a second album to display the development in their music and the new ideas expressed in their latest compositions." Always conscious of the cost of recording in a professional studio, they decided to build their own studio in Harald Lytomt's barn in Trømborg. They named it "Flexy Studio" and it was here that they recorded Mellom Oss (more will be said about this album below). The new studio was a good idea but not being able to afford the best recording equipment (it was equipped with a four track tape recorded), the quality of the sound did not meet expectations. The recording sessions took place between September 26, 1981 and November 29, 1981. Trond Bøhn only worked on two tracks and he then left the band to be with his family. After the release of the second album, the band started to break up. Harald Lytomt and Tore Fundingsrud left Kerrs Pink to form the band Mantra.

Kerrs Pink 1981 from left in front:
Harald Lytomt, Jostein Hansen, Halvard Haugerud, Trond Bøhn and Tore Fundingsrud.
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