In March 1976, Jostein left the group to fulfill his military service obligation. This was a temporary departure; as it happens, Lytomt and Hansen would become the nucleus of Kerrs Pink, and they remain so to this day.

Harald Lytomt in 1976 at the I.Ø.V.S., Mysen
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While Jostein was away, Cash Pink changed their name to Kerrs Pink and performed their first true concerts in April; prior to this they had only performed in dance halls. In May they recorded the song "Hverdag" ("Workingday") and sent a cassette to the Swedish national radio, which gave the song exposure nation-wide.
Jostein rejoined the group and they now concentrated on playing their own compositions in concert. Harald made some new songs, but this line-up did not play live.
  "The name Kerrs Pink conveyed the association of being between the underground and folk styles, a reference to the roots being to the people's basic article of food and yet linked to Norwegian folk tradition," explains Jostein in the liner notes for the reissue of the first LP on CD.

Kerrs Pink now with keyboards! Halvar Haugerud joined the band in November 1977. This line-up played 10 concerts.
Kerrs Pink