In 1972 Jostein Hansen (then only sixteen years old) got together with a few friends to form a band in Trømborg, Norway a small farming community about 42 miles southeast of Oslo. Trømborg is so small that I could not even locate it on an atlas. The lineup was: Tommy Knudson on drums, Frank Johnsen on bass, Leif Hansen on lead guitar (a cousin of Jostein's) and Jostein Hansen on guitar and vocals. At this time these self taught musicians, aged 15 to 17, played cover versions of hits from that time. I recently asked Jostein who his musical influences were in 1972: "They were a lot! Pink Floyd, Creedence, Uriah Heep, Yes and Steppenwolf." The band went through some personnel changes and a name change. What started out as Memories became Cash Pink. Cash Pink was chosen as the band's name with humor on two different levels. The idea came from Jostein "...alluding to a variety of potatoes, Kerrs Pink, grown in Norway. But deliberately, he spelt the name incorrectly thus making it a satire of all the groups using the word pink as part of their name". (How many can you name?)
In the twenty-five year existence of Kerrs Pink there have been more than twenty different lineups and twenty-one members, so the line-up of the band at any point in time can be difficult to unravel. You may ask, "Why all the personnel changes?" That is just what I asked Jostein. He replied, "We have only played for the fun and enthusiasm. We have always been real amateurs. When former members have felt musically empty or have been too busy involved in other matters, preferring their family, or have moved away from our area, they have left the group in a peaceful and friendly way. It could also be the feeling of playing at a near professional level, qualitatively speaking, being non-professionals, playing music as a personal hobby, not getting financial outcome according to what it takes, but this reason has never been upfront."

In 1975, these personnel changes took place leading to the arrival of Harald Lytomt in the group on guitar. Harald brought with him his compositional skills and energy and determination. Harald's arrival also led Jostein to switch from guitar to bass. In March 1976, Jostein left the group to fulfill his military service obligation. This was a temporary departure; as it happens, Lytomt and Hansen would become the nucleus of Cash -- and later Kerrs -- Pink, and they remain so to this day.


by Kenneth Birkemeier with Michael S. Taylor 

Kerrs Pink